INVT GD10 series mini inverter

GD10 series mini inverters are positioned as common applications in the low-power OEM matching market. It adopts vectorized V/f control technology and has many common functions such as PID, multi-speed, DC braking, and Modbus communication. It has complete functions and is smaller in size. Small, can further reduce the installation space.


● Vectoring V/F control;

● Natural heat dissipation, can be applied to occasions with a lot of cotton wool and dust;

● Mini design, saving installation space for customers;

● Equipped with a potentiometer as standard and an external LED keyboard;

● The product design strictly follows the IEC international standard and meets the CE certification test requirements;

● Set a variety of common functions to meet application requirements:

(1) Standard Modbus communication;

(2) Built-in PID;

(3) With 16-stage speed control;

(4) Multi-point V/F curve setting is possible;

(5) It has multi-function input and output ports, and the switch value can set the delay time;

(6) It has protection functions such as over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature, and overload, and can save fault information;

(7) With DC braking, magnetic flux braking and resistance energy consumption braking;

(8) Overflow stall, overvoltage stall, stronger load adaptability.