INVT GD20 series compact inverter

GD20 series inverter adopts speed sensorless vector control technology, the product has excellent driving performance and control function; the product has rich hardware configuration and powerful software function, which has greatly improved the ease of use and reliability, and can better Meet the different needs of various industrial control occasions. GD20 series 18.5KW~110KW is equipped with built-in DC reactor as standard, 18.5~37KW is equipped with built-in standard braking unit, 45~110KW is equipped with optional built-in braking unit, the whole series of independent air duct design improves product reliability and performance, and enhances the Product competitiveness.


* Excellent control performance
Adopting no PG vector control mode, excellent control performance;
-Excellent vector control performance

Optimized structural design
The product size is reduced, saving installation space for customers;
Side-by-side guide rail installation is supported for 2.2KW or less;

* Support long motor cables: support the longest 150m motor cable application, no need to add an output reactor

* Built-in safety function: Safe Torque Off (STO)

* Strong environmental adaptability: under the environment of up to 50 ℃, it can run reliably at full load

* Simple and flexible installation: compact book type, can be installed side by side

* PUSH-IN compression spring control terminal, support external keyboard

* Built-in EMC filter: conform to IEC61800-3 C2/C3 category