MINAS LIQI series is the simple and cost-effective servo drive solution from Panasonic. Especially for dynamic applications, MINAS LIQI offers many advantages as far as reliability, speed, and precision are concerned compared to stepping motors, asynchronous motors, or pneumatic solutions.

It has a Real-time auto-tuning function during operation. As for the MINAS A5 series, the PANATERM software assists users in setting up and configuring the MINAS LIQI series. The series is optimally suited for the processing industries involving food, packaging, printing, metals, and plastics.

● Rated Torque: 0.64 Nm to 5.6 Nm

● 10000 ppr Encoder Resolution

● Support Position Control Mode only

● 1.0 kHz Velocity response frequency

● 500 kHz Input pulse frequency

● Maximum 5000 RPM

● Maximum Toque limit 300%

● Advance PANATERM software for PC Interface

● Android application for smartphones