The VRG series sets the new standard in applications requiring extremely high torque density and rigidity. Its compact design and robotic industry ISO flange is ideal for equipment requiring high speed, high precision indexing movement and streamlined installation. The remarkable torsional stiffness and ultra low backlash combine to provide outstanding positioning accuracy.This product comes standard with <3 arc-min backlash, but is also available with reduced options down to <1 arc-min. The VRT is the most robust planetary solution in the marketplace and is used across a numerous range of applications including 7th axis robot shuttles, dial tables, end of arm tooling and any other axis where installation space, reduced assembly time and torque density play an important role

● Compact, high-precision and standard with cross-roller bearings

● Output shaft and output flange, available

● Backlash is within 3 min- perfect solution for precision positional control

● No grease leak through the use of high viscosity anti-separation grease

● High efficiency with no need for input section oil seal

● Compatible with all types of servomotors with the use of adaptors

● Grease replacement is not required throughout the product’s lifetime; can be installed at any desired angle without worry of leakage.